Pondering, Photographing, and Writing about Wild Places


Hunting the Giant Bullfrog

I am wading through chin-deep grass toward the pond. At the far reaches of my lamp, two pair of low, narrow-set eyes watch me for a moment, then slink into...
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Queen Walter of the Little Pond

There is one largemouth bass in my pond. By bass standards she is not particularly large, but by small pond standards, I would call her a lunker. I say she...
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Twas the Morn Before Christmas

Twas the morn before Christmas and all through the trees two creatures were stirring—a gray squirrel and me   He stared from his hole way up in the trunk 
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All Things Must Pass

I am departing from my usual themes to share my thoughts on the state of the Union this morning as we near the end of a very tough year. I...
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The Sore-eye Bird, Take Two

Recently, I posted The Sore-eye bird, a chapter from my Chestnut Ridge novel in progress. After some studying of point of view this week, I have re-edited it. Let me...
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Shopping on Black Friday

A slender moon waxing to first quarter waits for the chasing sun to steel it’s glory as I scan the woods with adjusting eyes. The west provides the most likely...
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All the Hogs in Heaven

This is a new draft of a chapter I began many months ago. It has gone through some serious changes and I expect it to be pretty rough, but I...
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A Close Call

In this chapter, Kimball (originally Tommy) and Jimmy are a few years older. Kimball's father has passed on, and with the Chestnut trees mostly dead, the boys are under pressure...
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Hull Go! Take Two

Below is a new draft of a piece I posted way back in June. I received some good feedbakc from readers, some of which I heeded, some I ignored and...
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