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Why I Did Not Miss Facebook One Bit, and Why I Went Back in Just a Few Hours Anyway

It took one day. That is all it took. In fact it was really just a few hours before I realized that I do not miss it one stinking little...
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Chestnut Ridge – A New Beginning

Several years ago I met a fiddler at a pickin' circle by the name of Bethany Baxter. Bethany was working on a masters project at the time that had her...
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Bonnaroo Morning

The festival grounds were quiet when I arrived at the performance tent. Bonnaroo is mostly asleep at 7:30 in the morning. I set my coffee on a table and looked...
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Truth or Consequences or What I Learned from Watching Downton Abbey

    “Did you have their best interests in mind?” “Yes.” “Did you tell the truth?” The office was filled with toys, small beanbag chairs, and children’s books. Were it not...
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The Hermit and The Thrush

He doesn't show up in the yard all that often, but I have a soft spot for the little brown thrush with the spotted breast. He lights on a low...
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A Big Buck and Some Thoughts on Ethics

Rubbing my fingers together inside my mittens provided very little heat, and I laughed quietly at the irony that my hands were cold from removing my mittens to pour hot...
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What Would Aldo Do?

It was mid morning and I was pondering the grits I had left on the stove, when a crash in the leaves over my right shoulder caught my ear. Apparently,...
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Some Thoughts on Wilderness

I must have been about ten years old when I peered from the windows of my parent’s Ford station wagon on a late evening drive home from Grandma’s house. Asphalt,...
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Chivalry? Nah!

When I got out of the truck last night, headed for a movie, I walked to the front bumper and waited for my girlfriend to catch up. I allowed her...
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